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Governor Bent ES Wants You!

Volunteers are the HEART of our school!

We value family and community engagement in school activities and believe that volunteer involvement has a positive impact on a child’s education.  While encouraging parent participation, we must also consider the safety of every child by requiring a background check from volunteers prior to any volunteer activity at an APS school.

Please take a moment to apply today!

It’s easy to become a volunteer at Governor Bent thanks to the online application process.

Simply go to the APS Volunteer website, fill out the application and pay the $12 processing fee (credit and debit cards accepted). Those who pass the background check should be notified that they may start volunteering at APS schools within 5-10 business days.  

  • Did you complete the volunteer application last year?  The volunteer approval is good for  two years!
  • Can’t remember when you applied?  Our office staff has a list of those who have been approved, and can tell you if your background check is current.
  • Need to reapply?  Sign in on the application page with your previous login and password (a new one will be sent to you if you’ve forgotten it).  Follow the links to "volunteer" and to "manage your application".  Update any information.  Once you get to the PayPal section, remember to copy and paste or write down the purchase code so you can enter it into the application. Then finish the application and submit.

We welcome your participation! Please remember that this is our school and we all share the responsibility for meeting the academic, social, and emotional needs of ALL children. Check with your child's teacher and see what you can do in the classroom to help. Let us know of any special interests, talents, or abilities you can share with us. We need you! A key ingredient in an outstanding school is the degree to which all adults unite in a concerted effort to provide for our children. Our children are our most precious resource.

Need help?  Call APS Applicant Processing at (505) 889‐4820.


Volunteer Assignment and Visitor Access Please adhere to your specific volunteer assignment or designated visitor location. Visitors and volunteers may not randomly walk the building or “visit” classrooms or areas that are not specific to their volunteer or visitor assignment. Volunteers and visitors may not utilize their time in the
school to interrupt instruction, hold unscheduled parent conferences, take cell phone calls, monopolize staff time, or seek answers to questions during inappropriate times. Parents are encouraged to contact their child’s teacher through a phone call or email to ensure their questions are addressed.



We have students in classrooms where volunteers or visitors presence can escalate student behavior. It is imperative to the learning environment and student safety we do not have volunteers or visitors aid in specific classrooms. Please speak to the classroom teacher and the principal prior to your visit if the classroom has restrictions.

If the classroom you want to volunteer or visit has restrictions, we can use your support in other areas within our school. Please speak to the school's principal.