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Principal Saiz

Governor Bent Community,   

I am Jonathan Saiz and it is with great enthusiasm I am the proud principal at Governor Bent Elementary School. Given my background in education and talent for leading and supporting staff, facilitating teams toward success, developing a data driven culture, building instructional capacity, design high quality in-service training programs and my work as an instructional leader in Title I and dual language schools. I am ready to get to work and make a positive impact at Governor Bent Elementary School.

I strongly believe that ALL children can learn no matter their race, gender, physical or mental ability, culture, language, or socioeconomic status. As a assistant principal, reading coach, special education and general education teacher, I know first hand each student is individual and unique. I will develop and maintain a supportive and holistic approach with emotional, physical, social, and intellectual encouragement to enable any child to be successful at his or her ability. It is my ambition as a school leader to create and foster a positive school culture and climate that is safe, respectful, focused on student achievement and welcoming for students, staff, families and local community.  

I will standup everyday and make sure to provide the best structures are in place to support ALL students! As an instructional leader, I will work collaboratively with the administrative team, staff, district experts, unions, parents, local industry and community members to support every child. I will always listen to the people who are closest to the work and encourage their suggestions to make the current systems more strategic, effective and efficient. As a school leader it is my commitment to enable, inspire, encourage and champion what a high quality education can offer.  


I welcome the opportunity to meet with every member of the community and further discuss how we can apply our strengths and talents to the progress of Governor Bent Elementary School and develop college and career ready structures that support 21st century learning.


Jonathan Saiz, Ed.S