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Visitors to our Campus

Visitors are always welcome!

We welcome and encourage your visits to Governor Bent and strive to keep a close surveillance of our campus. In accordance with state law, all visitors to our campus between 7:40 – 2:40 must first check in at the office and must wear a "Visitor" badge. We do this to ensure the safety and security of our students and staff.

• Upon arrival, please state the purpose of your visit and present a valid photo ID.

• If you need to leave something for your child, you may leave this at the front office, and we will get it to your child.

Conferences with school staff should be arranged before or after school and scheduled in advance to prevent interruption of the educational process. It is unacceptable to visit a classroom unless you are scheduled to help the teacher.

Volunteer Assignment and Visitor Access Please adhere to your specific volunteer assignment or designated visitor location. Visitors and volunteers may not randomly walk the building or “visit” classrooms or areas that are not specific to their volunteer or visitor assignment. Volunteers and visitors may not utilize their time in the school to interrupt instruction, hold unscheduled parent conferences, take cell phone calls, monopolize staff time, or seek answers to questions during inappropriate times. Parents are encouraged to contact their child’s teacher through a phone call or email to ensure their questions are addressed.


We have students in classrooms where volunteers or visitors’ presence can escalate student behavior. It is imperative to the learning environment and student safety we do not have volunteers or visitors aid in specific classrooms. Please speak to the classroom teacher and the principal prior to your visit if the classroom has restrictions.

If the classroom you want to volunteer or visit has restrictions, we can use your support in other areas within our school. Please speak to the school's principal.