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Family Engagement

We welcome your participation!

Please remember that this is our school and we all share the responsibility for meeting the academic, social, and emotional needs of the children. Check with your child's teacher and see what you can do to help. The classroom teacher may not need assistance and we can find another classroom or location we can use your supports. Due to student privacy we do not allow volunteers into specific classrooms. Please check with administration. Let us know of any special interests, talents, or abilities you can share with us. We need you! A key ingredient in an outstanding school is the degree to which all adults unite in a concerted effort to provide for our children. Our children are our most precious resource. When you volunteer, we thank you for . . .

  • Checking into the office and recording your presence at school by signing in/out and by wearing a visitor badge.
  • Being discreet and trustworthy and for respecting the confidences of teachers and children.
  • Follow the APS
  • Keeping student information private