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After School - RGEC

Rio Grande Educational Collaborative

We are an academic based before and after school program which provides a comprehensive daily schedule and reward program to our children to ensure success in the program as well as in school.

A portion of the day is dedicated specifically to any homework that the children may have during the week. It is our main priority to ensure that the children finish their homework while they are here with help from the supervisor and the instructor.

We also provide two snacks every day through APS food services.

After homework and snack we will focus on a daily lesson plan, which will encompass various topics such as science, math, reading, arts and crafts, cooking, etc.

On a monthly basis we will provide a detailed calendar full of our planned lesson plans and activities so you can keep track of what your child(ren) are up to!

We have what we call a "Star System", where children are rewarded for following the rules and positive interactions. Stars are distributed and taken depending on a child's behavior. Children can choose between using the stars for time on a computer or to "purchase" something from the prize box. Lastly, each day of the month will be either "Green", "Yellow", or "Red". Depending on the color of the day, the children with either be rewarded as a group with an hour, half an hour, or fifteen minutes of free play at the end of each day. If more "Green" days are rewarded in a two week period the second Friday will be a fun day, and if more "Green" days are rewarded in a month, there will be a party at the end of the month. Parents and teachers are welcome to these events!

Contact RGEC

Rio Grande Educational Collaborative

Call: (505) 873-6035

Program Information

Hours & Location

Monday- Friday 2:00pm - 6:00pm

We operate on the same schedule as APS, so if school is closed for any reason, we will be as well.


After School only- $79.00

Prices are based on a weekly attendance, however you will not be charged for days that your child does not attend.

Contact Information

RGEC website

Our Office

6260 Riverside Plaza Lane NW, Suite A Albuquerque, NM 87120 Phone (505) 873-6035 Fax (505) 899-1575 E-Mail